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Why use to manage your property?

Quite simply, our team provides a better service than other property managers.

Why is that? – We have owned and managed our own properties for over 30 years so we are fully aware of what you as a landlord want. We have also used rental agents so we know what your pet hates are!

Our team includes a qualified Barrister and Financial adviser so we understand the legal requirements and the importance of your investment to you (Note however we don’t offer legal or financial advice).

We have a very simple and transparent fee structure. We don’t charge the sneaky fees that annoy you – no Sundry fees (What is that for anyway?), no lease renewal fees, and no end of year rip off financial statement fee.

We will come and meet you and the person you meet will also be involved in managing your property. We don't have sales people who "sell" the service then pass you over to someone else to manage your property. We think it is important that you meet the person who will be looking after one of your most important assets.

Our Commitment To You

As part of our commitment to you we will:

  • Treat the property like it is our own
  • Build a relationship with you and your tenants because in our experience this creates mutual trust and respect which makes for a better landlord experience and better tenants.
  • Call you when we say we will and when we meet you we do our utmost to be there on time! (These are often peoples biggest pet hates!)
  • Advertise the property on and other web sites
  • Carefully vet prospective tenants
  • Provide online reports so you can track rental payments
  • Carry out regular inspections to ensure your investment is being looked after
  • Ask all trades people to supply photos of their completed work.
  • Where possible have an agreed quote prior to authorising repairs to your property. If an invoice seems unrealistically high we will query it rather than simply paying it and passing it on (Very few rental managers ever seem to query high invoices and just pass them on – very annoying as Landlord).
  • Listen to what you want and if we can improve the way we do things – we will!